32 crazy smart beauty hacks - Video

32 crazy smart beauty hacks BEST BEAUTY HACKS FOR BEGINNERS Look for some awesome makeup hacks Our clever makeup hacks will make you look stunning in 5 minutes - Prevent your lipstick getting smudged while eating drinking, by preparing a mask peel-off mask mixes with red food coloring - Check out an easy way to make your brows perfect - You can make a lip gloss by mixing a Vaseline a of any lip gloss - Make super helpful heels caps using a hot glue gun to run on the grass like a rabbit - Use cold water to dry nails faster - We prepared for you the Hollywood smile idea mix baking soda toothpaste to whiten your teeth - Try makeup technique called contouring to create the illusion of a well-toned abdomen - Place color pencils in hot water for 5 minutes replace your boring black eyeliner - Create a blackhead mask at home, you will need non-toxic glue, activated charcoal - Use hair conditioner to shave legs - Did you know a natural recipe for brow paint You will need an almond a lighter. - Use PVA glue as a base coat to easily remove glitter nail polish - Replacement blades cost a lot but we know how to easily sharpen blades. Take your old jeans, run your razor along your jeans - If you lost a cap, replace it with drinking straws - Pimple is an embarrassing problem. Try our perfect recipe – mix aspirin with some water apply - Cut your old t-shirt make headbands - Make shadows at home, you need to find an empty nail polish bottle. Take a bowl mix Vaseline, glitter, pigment. Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes. Ready Try these lifehacks dont forget to share them with your friends TIMESTAMPS 0013 Red lipstick hack 0350 Quick way to dry nail polish 0729 Fake freckles 0947 Two-color lipstick 1121 Peel-off manicure 1234 Clever way to sharpen blades ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter Subscribe to GIRLY Subscribe to KIDS Subscribe to MEN The Bright Side of Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos articles visit Music by Epidemic Sound

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32 crazy smart beauty hacks
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