Faydee ft.hande yener, rebel groove - gravity - (official video) - Video

Faydee ft.hande yener, rebel groove - gravity - (official video) Subscribe (Abone OL ) iTunes Apple Spotify Dezeer FAYDEE Snapchat Faydeemusic HANDE YENER POLL PRODUCTION GRAVITY FAYDEE feat.HANDE YENER,Rebel Groove - 2019 (REBEL GROOVE) Alright Its your boy Faydee, Hande Rebel Groove Listen up (FAYDEE) I KNOW YOUR HEART IS EMPTY I WANNA FILL IT UP WITH ME GIRL ALL I EVER THINK ABOUT IS YOU I WANNA BE YOUR NIGHT AND DAY EVERY SINGLE TIME I PRAY WAITING FOR A MIRACLE TO COME TRUE (REBEL GROOVE) You know (FAYDEE) I WONT GIVE IT UP, GIVE IT UP, GIVE IT UP TILL UR MINE OH BABY HURRY UP, HURRY UP, HURRY UP, WE ARE LOOSIN TIME (REBEL GROOVE) Ohh no .. (FAYDEE) WON T YOU GIMME DA , GIMME DA, GIMME DA KEY TO YOUR HEART CAN T YOU SEE, WON T YOU SEE UR THE MISSING PART OF MY LIFE (HANDE YENER) YOURE LIKE GRAVITY GRAVITY GRAVITY YOO PULLIN ME PULLIN ME PULLIN ME TO YOO LIKE A SPINNIN SATELITE ALL I HEAR YOU SAY IS FOLLOW ME ,FOLLOW ME,FOLLOW ME C MON YOU KNOW, I KNOW HOW TO TURN YOU ON TILL THE EARLY MORNIN LIGHT Written Produced by Mert Ekren a.k.a. Rebel Groove , director by Gülşen Aybaba SPECIAL THANKS TO Polat Yagci everyone at POLL PRODUCTION Welmond Hotel SPA Casino/ Batumi Türkiye Balloons Sipanbabur Production/Sipan Babur Juan Babur Demo İnternational ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #faydee #handeyener #gravity #rebelgroove #mertekren

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Faydee ft.hande yener, rebel groove - gravity - (official video)
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