23 life fails you can relate to - Video

23 life fails you can relate to EVERYDAY FAILS Long hair is a symbol of women attractiveness but its a hard job to make them look flawless there are a lot of awkward moments that could happen with long-haired girls. Today you will find struggles with long hair that is familiar to girls. Every girl will understand the fails youll see in this video. When the hair is too long, they could become really annoying. Car windows, backpacks, purses, jackets, zippers windy days are worst enemies. If hair gets caught by zipper it will cause great damage to ends also, its really painful. If the hair gets caught under a backpack it may cause discomfort. Anytime we want to use a backpack purse, we have to think about our hair will be when we put it on take it off. The wind blows the hair it looks so beautiful if you are not wearing lipstick eat ice cream. Moreover, long hair an open car window could be a real catastrophe. Be careful Check out another selection of annoying situations every girl can relate to - Do you need to find a bobby pin in your bag Yes, we can call it fail as its difficult to find anything inside it - You shaved your legs in the morning the most annoying thing is that hair appear suddenly again in a most inappropriate moment. Especially when you are in the swimming pool - A jumpsuit is the most confusing garment ever Because you have to sit half-naked on the toilet - Panty lines again Use bobby pins to avoid panty lines - Have you ever used a car window as a mirror in the street What an embarrassing moment when a window suddenly opens a stranger is inside. TIMESTAMPS 0009 Long hair problems 0330 Red lipstick fail 0618 Easy way to resize your jeans 0805 Awkward cell phone moments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter Subscribe to GIRLY Subscribe to KIDS Subscribe to MEN The Bright Side of Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos articles visit Music by Epidemic Sound

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23 life fails you can relate to
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